Ashtavinayak – Eight Divine Temples of Ganesha

Ashtavinayak – Eight Divine Temples of Ganesha

Ashtavinayak are the eight temples devoted to Lord Ganeshait is believed that these should be visited at least once in life time of an individual. You can discover different stories identified with the legend and different puranas and those divinities are all things considered called as Ashtavinayak.

Ashtavinayak - Eight Divine Temples of Ganesha

As you realized that there are eight temples first you need to visit the Moreshwar of Moregaon. Then visit Siddhatek, Pali, Mahad, Theur, Lenyandri, Ozar, Ranjangaon and after that again Moregaon will end you Ashtavinayak Yatra. This is as per the convictions and Shastra’s.

The other name of Lord Ganesh is Vinayaka, the God id worshiped and loved by each and every Hindu. These temples are in the range of 20 to 110 kilometers just, the eight models found here are regular made a few a long times prior.

Morgaon – Shri Moreshwara Ashtavinayak

You should start your journey from Moreshwar Moregaon which is at the distance of 56 kilometres as of Pune,. It is locatedon the banks of river Karha, it is from the belief that the name of this place is Moregaon because it as the shape of peacock and long time ago this place was full of peacocks. This is a very huge temple which bears the look of a mosque with huge steps of stone; there is a big idol of mouse made out of stone, which is considered as the vehicle of Lord Ganesha. This is a very beautiful temple to visit.

Siidhi Vinayak at Siddhatek

From here you should move towards Siddhatek, this is situated in the Karjat taluka district Ahmednagar, on the Bhima river banks. The Siidhi Vinayak at Siddhatek is the place where Lord Vishnu was engaged in fight with demons Kaitabha and Madhu. The next idol that is found here is made by Ahilya Bai Holkar; this is a very silent place where even the floods caused by river Bhima don’t make any noise here, the idol of Lord Ganesha here is placed in a brass frame, on both sides of the idol are idols of Vijay and Jay made out of brass.

Ranjangaon’s Shree Maha Ganapati
After taking darshan here you can move your journey towards Ranjangaon’s Shree Maha Ganapati, this is a temple in the district of Pune, this place as the aid of Lord Shiva for destroying the citadels of Tripurasura. According to the history the construction of this temple was done between 9th & 10th century. The facing of this temple of Ashtavinayak is to the east with a extremely stunning gate for entrance. The idol of this temple is called as Mahotkat that is the idol has 20 hands and 10 trunks, isn’t it shocking?

Ozar's Shree Vighneshwar
From here your adventure heads towards Ozar’s Shree Vighneshwar which is situated at the separation of 12 kilometers as of Narayangaon in the Junnar District. Vigneshwara at Ozar is considered as the reason for death of the devil Vignaasura. The golden top of the temple was built by Peshwa’s more youthful sibling Chimajiappa, after he defeated Portuguese in the war. The temple got back its glory in 1958 to 1968 at the time of renovation

Lenyadri’s Shree Girijatmaj temple

Moving ahead is the Lenyadri’s Shree Girijatmaj temple at the distance of 94 kilometres as of Pune, the location of this temple is on the north western bank or river Kukadi. On the Lenyadri Pravat is revered the Girijaatmaja Vinayaka and is accepted to have the sign of Ganpati in type of newborn child. This is mind blowing temple on the top of the hills, the hall of this temple is engraved on a single rock bearing the height of 60 feet long and the main thing is there is no pillar in the area between it. The face of the idol is at the back strong attempts to make it at the front was failed. This place is mostly thronged in my visitors as it is a pollution free area with stunning scenic beauty at the backdrop.

Shree Viradvinayak

Making headway to Mahad here is the Shree Varadvinayak, this temple is situated in the Raigad District encompassed with pleasant environment, the icon in the sanctuary here is named as Varda Vinayak and was developed in 1725 at the season of the rule of Peshwa Rule. The temple is assembled with a common structure of a house, the idol in the temple was found behind the temple underneath the well, which is the main attraction of this temple.

 Shree Ballaleshwar at Pali
The Shree Ballaleshwar at Pali is the following destination of the Ashtavinayak, this temple is at the separation of 111 kilometers as of Pune. The circumstance of the temple is between Sarasgad Fort and Amba stream streaming on one side of it. The main attraction why visitors visit here early in the morning is that when sun rises sun rays fall directly on the idol and this is a mesmerizing moment. The temple consist of a huge bell which is made of 5 metals which Peshwa brought from Europe at the time of the raid in Church Sashti and Vasai.

Shree Chintamani at Theur
Shree Chintamani at Theur The last sanctuary of the adventure of Ashtavinayak is Shree Chintamani at Theur which is situated in the Haveli Taluka and is at the separation of 25 kilometers from Pune, the circumstance of Theur is at the union of Bhima, Mutha and Mula streams. Here is the myth of the Chintamani diamond and Kapila Muni which was acquired by Lord Shiva. It is said that after completing the eight temples you should again return back from where you started which means the first temple, this in whole completes your journey and your all problems are vanished.

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